Birch Tree Forest Nursery Stencil

Turn your walls into another world, depicting a complete birch tree forest scene
  • Create a stunning feature wall in your nursery. Turn your walls into another world, depicting a complete birch tree forest scene
  • This Stencil set comprises of various design sheets that will enable you to easily create wondrous walls and bespoke painted finishes to your Nursery Decor
  • Stenciling is fun and rewarding with instant results
  • The stencils are made from reusable, flexible & washable 190 micron Mylar plastic
How to complete your wall scene in 3 simple steps (see images for illustrations)
1 - Paint the birch tree trunk stencils. 2 different trunk designs are included. The upper part of the trunk is simply placed on top of the base part to complete.* 
2- Use the supplied branch and leaf stencils to create your own tree patterns. The branch stencils can be turned and reversed to allow for left or right pointing direction**
3- Complete the scene by adding the falling leaves and bird designs

To further enhance this mural you can paint the scene first in a lighter colour, in our example grey, and then re-layer the scene on top in a darker shade for a dreamy feeling of depth and perspective. 

*complete painted height of trunks is 226cm. If you need the trunks to be taller simply place the stencil further up the wall to continue the trunk or just use a little free hand painting to continue the design up to the ceiling.
** wash or make sure the stencil is completely dry before reversing it to paint

  • We would recommend using  a dense foam roller (aka gloss roller) to complete the main areas of this project, and use a stencil brush for adding extra branch details and birds.
  • Always remember to roll off your roller onto paper towel before painting, so the roller is only damp with paint, not wet or heavily loaded. Too much paint on your roller or brush will cause paint to bleed under the stencil and cause blotchy edges. 
  • For more help on all aspect of stencil including stencilling with a roller visit our blog
All images copyright of Ideal Stencils Ltd


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