About Us

Welcome to our online shop and the exciting world of modern stenciling! We supply a wide variety of reusable stencils for both home decor, and arts and crafts. The process is simple - apply a little paint through the stencil with a brush or roller to transfer your design anywhere you want - ideal for painting walls, fabrics, furniture and any other surface you want to decorate. Stenciling can be learned by all ages and abilities allowing you to create stunning effects and results instantly. 

Forget your preconceptions of stenciling as being old fashioned. A resurgence and popularity around stenciling means designs are more refined and varied than ever. Stencils are a cheaper, more unique DIY alternative to wallpaper and the painted finishes are both natural and kind to your walls - when it's time for a change it's simple to paint over and update. 

Whatever project you have in mind: from painting a feature wall to a cushion cover or card, your stencil serves as a versatile tool that allows your creative side to shine, and most importantly you are at the centre of what you create. Adding unique touches to your interior spaces and belongings not only provides a sense of satisfaction that you have created something unique but also enhances your enjoyment of your home and the things around you.

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