How to video tutorials

Welcome to our How to Stencil video page. Here you will find free easy to follow, informative video tutorials about how to paint your stencils and get the best results, with top hints and tips so that your stencil projects are the best that they can be. We will also cover some popular stencil projects and basically give you a great all around insight into what you need to know. We hope you find them useful and informative!

About our stencils

This video gives an insight into the stencils we sell and covers: What is a stencil? The material the stencils are made from, the sizes we sell and also advantages and various uses of a stencil.

How to paint with a stencil brush

In this video you will learn what materials you need for most standard stenciling projects. Using our A3 Bold Bloom Stencil we will show you how to paint your stencil with emulsion paint and a stencil brush using the 'stippling' technique.

How to clean your stencil

You can clean water based paints: emulsion,acrylic paints etc off your stencil in the sink or bath with warm soapy water. If your stencil has a lot of paint build up you will need to leave it to soak for a while until the paint softens.

You don't have to clean your stencil after every use, just at the end of a project or when the build up of paint is compromising the results. Then safely store it away for future use.

Multilayer Stencil Art

This is a very early video showing where our business came from. We originally hand cut stencils and sold spray painted stencil art on canvas of Iconic faces. Later on we were asked to supply the stencils only and thus was the beginning of 'Ideal Stencils'

Paint your Banksy rat stencil

The graffiti artist Banksy is notorious for his selection of pesky rat stencils which have been found on walls all over the world. You can now use our selection of Banksy stencils to paint your own rats in your home and add some Banksy rat fun to your wall spaces.

We used black acrylic paint and a stencil brush for this quick and easy project. They look great painted in a little hidden space, on skirting boards or behind shelves.

Stencil using a paint roller

How to stencil using a paint roller? This video tutorial on painting using a paint roller shows you just how quick and easy it is to paint your stencils using a dense foam roller (gloss roller) and emulsion paint.

If your stencil is large, or has large cut out areas or you are repeating a stencil to create a pattern then you may want to ditch the stencil brush and reach for the roller. We used our nursery star stencil and did a couple of repeats to illustrate how you can repeat a pattern quickly and easily with a stencil and paint roller.

How to spray paint your stencil

Learn how to spray paint your stencil demonstrated using our A2 size Che Guevara stencil. Learn what materials you need, how to prepare your work area and how to use the spray paint to achieve a nice even finish.

Top tips relating to this project are to mask off the surrounding wall area and nearby furniture etc to protect from paint particles, and not to spray too close to the stencil to avoid the paint from pooling and dribbling under the stencil.

How to stencil a T-Shirt

In this video tutorial you will learn how to paint a T Shirt using our Buddha Stencil. Wash and iron your T-shirt prior to painting it. You will get the best results by adhering your stencil to the T Shirt using repositionable spray mount, you could use masking tape but there is more chance of paint bleeding under the stencil.

In this tutorial we use a soft stencil brush to stipple the paint through the stencil and on top the T shirt. Fix the colours using an iron as per the fabric paint manufacturer's instructions. You can create and personalise some really cool T Shirts by doing it yourself with stencils.

Create a repeat pattern using a motif stencil

Learn how to use any of our single motif stencils to create a repeated wallpaper stencilled pattern. Line up your first repeat making sure it is level and then make a cross at the corners with strips of masking tape.

Use these right angles to repeat the stencil horizontally and vertically over your wall area. In this video stencilling tutorial we use our stags head stencil.

Spray painting your custom logo stencil using a stenc

We offer a custom stencil cutting service and we often get asked to cut custom logo stencils. They can be used for branding and marketing your company as well as for general marking and labeling of your equipment.

This video shows how quick and easy it is to paint your logo using spray paint.

How to Stencil a Nursery Wall

Here we are using our new 'Rainbows & Rain Clouds' wall pattern stencil in

our daughters room. Super cost effective and fun project to complete!

Herringbone wall stencil

Check out how simple this herringbone stencil is to use. We created a modern wall at very cheap cost, plus it was loads of fun to do.


Check out how we painted this amazing wall pattern - I can't believe its not wallpaper! It is probably one of the most time consuming projects you can undertake, but is well worth it at the end... its all about taking charge of your home decor - creating something unique , having fun and making your mark.


Had so much fun bleaching this t shirt with a really cool leopard print pattern. I think we added a tonne of individuality to a bog standard t shirt. The bleach burns the colour out of the fabric creating a unique grungy look.