Nursery Birch Tree Forest Wall Decor Stencils

We have been busy at Ideal Stencils with another amazing design that is guaranteed to turn blank nursery walls into Wondrous Spaces and provide an enjoyable place to play and sleep in. Our new Birch Tree Stencil Set  consists of numerous stencils that can be used to create  amazing bespoke effects around your nursery walls.

Decorating with stencils puts you in charge of the creative process more than ever as you get to choose your paint colours and with this design you can choose the positioning of the Birch Tress to work with your Nursery or Bedroom layout.

birch tree nursery mural stencil

Hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for some stenciling in your own home. Take a look at our other Nursery Stencils in our shop or contact us if you need anything custom cutting that we don’t have.

Leave a comment to let us know what you think, or if you have any similar decorating plans for your own Nurseries.

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