Hi! Welcome to our new blog post at IdealStencils. Today we are going to be taking a look at some of our best nursery/kids room stencils.  We all know how precious our little ones are to us and we want them to have a beautiful environment for them to play and sleep in. Well, we have got some great nursery stencil designs that are going to make your job of designing and decorating that nursery a lot more fun and exciting. So take a look, and re-imagine your child’s room decorated with one of the following popular designs.


Have your little one seeing stars with this classic and simple star stencil. You could paint this stencil as repeated all over wallpaper effect pattern in uniformed rows, as in the picture, or paint the stars in a staggered pattern. With our star stencil coming in various sizes from A5(XS)-A1(XL) you can do big and bold on your wall or use smaller stencils for other, smaller kids room decorating projects.


This star stencil has got thinner arms, so it depends on which design you prefer. Paint the stencil whatever paint colour you want to match your nursery/kids room decor.


Show your love, by using this beautiful love heart stencil. It is the perfect little girls bedroom theme and can be used in many ways to create a stunning effect on your walls. You can go for large heart stencils for a bold design or perhaps use a multipack of different sized stencils to create a random allover pattern.


Simple but very effective tulip flower stencil. Add a lovely hand painted tulip stenciled border at the top of the skirting board, so your little girl can walk amongst the flowers. Or this stencil can also be used for many other nursery/kids room decorating projects.


Add a natural woodland theme to your nursery with this playful birds on branch stencil. Add it to create a focal point in the room and have the birds fluttering off over the walls or standing on the ground to carry the theme around the room. This stencil is also available as a Birds on branch border stencil.


Have fun decorating your kids room with this adorable butterfly stencil set. The stencil has butterflies of varying sizes so you can create a random fluttering array of butterflies stencilled over your wall area.


Go super cool and retro in your kids room and decorate using our funky robot stencil. They come in many sizes and multi packs so whether whatever look you’re going for or whatever project you have in mind, we have the robot wall stencil for you.


Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run… all the way onto the kids room wall. Use this repeat pattern rabbit stencil to create a fun pattern on a feature wall. Suitable for either a girls or a boys room.


Use this swirl daisy flower stencil to beautify the walls in you girls nursery and create a floral wall pattern in paint colours of your choice.


If you’re going for woodland nursery theme this Owl stencil is for you. Suitable for a girls or boys nursery. Paint the owls in your own colour choices.  The stencils are fully repeatable, so carry the theme around the room and paint them dotted around. Perhaps have a game of owl hide and seek- paint one in a half hidden place and see if your little one can find it!

Which is your favourite design? Or what nursery stencil would you like to see added? Let us know what you think!

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