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We have recently acquired a new stencilling material in stock and we are very excited about it! It is a 250 microns , pvc, self adhesive, reusable stencilling film. It is great for a simple peel and stick application. The adhesive is strong and long lasting, but does not leave a residue or mark the surface you are working on. Once applied and painted the stencil can be simply peeled off and returned to its backing sheet for further uses.

It has a wide variety of different application and can be used on any surface: glass, wood ,metals, plastics, walls etc. It would be ideal for highly curved surface such as tubes which are needing to be marked… normal Mylar stencils are awkward to curl and affix on tight curves and don’t produce the crispest results.  Other possible uses for this film include, body painting, fabric painting, glass etching with cream and sandblasting.

Of course the simplicity of having it with a sticky back, means you don’t have to tape it up or use spray mount as you do on the back of normal Mylar stencils and you are guaranteed a nice close adhesion to your surface meaning better crisper end results. Best suited in terms of ease of handling for small to medium sized stencils

The stencil can simply be peeled off the backing paper, positioned in place, and smoothed over to ensure overall adhesion to the surface… if the need is there we can also provide this with a transfer tape, for ease of applying to the surface… which may be needed if the design is particularly detailed or fine or large and hard to handle… we can advise on this when we see your design…

We have done some tests of our own on this new material, so that you can see how it works.

sticky backed reusable stencil sticky backed stencil

sticky backed stencil on curved surface Peeling off sticky backed stencil

If you think this material is good for your needs then please mention it when you contact us. For any enquiries about custom stencils please send the design files and sizes needed to email  – and we will be happy to help.

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