Fresh new stencils for your walls in 2016

We are constantly creating new and unique stencil designs for inclusion in our shop Painting your own feature wall using stencils is cost effective and fun. Stencils are the ideal decorating tool that put you more in charge of the creative process. Think of it like designing your own wallpaper, because you can choose whatever base colour and stencilled pattern colour to want! Stencils are also adaptable to be used for many other other decorative projects. In this blog we will showcase 5 of our new stencil designs and hope to inspire you to change that blank wall into a eye catching stencilled wall!


Bear woodland repeat apter nursery wall stencil

This is one of our favourite designs at the moment! Follow the bear on his meandering journey in this woodland themed stencil. It would finish of a woodland themed nursery wall beautifully. The natural finish that stencils give on the wall would also add to the woodland effect. Use your own colours and create a feature wall unique to you!


Stag head painted wall stencil

This stags head stencil continues to be one of our popular designs. Animal themed wall decor doesn’t have be scare you. It can be very subtle and modern. Especially with stencils because you choose the colour scheme so you can be as daring or as constrained as you wish.


Anchor nautical stencil wall painting

Nautical themes are great for adding a colourful and fresh feeling to a room. All the fun of the seaside can be created with a few striped cushions a few other themed ornaments and an anchor stencilled feature wall. Use one of our anchor pattern stencils to quickly transform a room from bland to brilliant.


damask wall stencil pattern

Our new Damask stencil is perfect for adding pattern and colour into a room. Too much pattern in a room could be garish so stick with just one feature wall. Choose your colours for your wall to complement your colour scheme. You could use one of our smaller damask stencils to stencil some plain cushion covers which is also a good way to introduce pattern to a room.


Pineapple wall stencil

Pineapples represent wealth and hospitality as this fruit was imported from the Caribbean and were only reserved for the rich who would put pineapples on their tables to show prestige and to impress guests. They are also a very popular trend in home décor. They are visually fun and vibrant and this pineapple motif stencil would look great repeat painted on a kitchen wall. Stencils of course can be used for many other decorative projects so be imaginative and creative.

Your home decor is personal to you. Stencils do what wall paper can’t… give you that extra freedom to choose your own paint colours and stencil  motif size and create a design that’s totally unique to you. We hope you enjoyed our varied stencil design round up and it gave you some ideas of your own for how you could use stencils in 2016.

Comment below we would love to hear your thoughts and what design you liked the best. 

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