stencilled hand painted Christmas wrapping paper

Hi all from Ideal Stencils. So today we are going to be getting festive and crafty and making ourselves some great home made Christmas wrapping paper with the help of our cute robin and berries stencil from our Christmas stencils shop section. Hand painting your own unique wrapping paper will set your present out amongst the others under the tree!

For this project this is what we needed – Brown wrapping paper cut to size, paints (emulsion/acrylics) dense foam roller, stencilling brush, robin and berries stencil, repositionable spray mount.

Spraying the back of the stencil with the spray mount makes it tacky and hold temporarily to the surface of the paper while you are painting it. We did this outside, don’t do it on your floor/table as this will make it tacky too!

I positioned the stencil in the top left corner of my sheet of brown wrapping paper. I then loaded my dense foam roller with red acrylic paint using a little paint on a polystyrene plate. Make sure your roller is only damp with paint and not wet as this will cause blotchy results. It is always best to roll off the roller onto some kitchen roll to blot off excess paint. Roll with light/medium pressure to paint through the stencil…very quick and easy!

While I was doing this my 5 year old daughter was making her own wrapping paper but using a stencil brush. Kids love stencilling and this was a nice arty project for us to do together.


My project was coming along now and it is surprising how fast you work with the roller. It literally took me 15 seconds each repeat of the design and I just moved the stencil along each time by eye creating the pattern over the paper.

Before I knew it the whole sheet was done. I really like how each repeat is slightly different and like to paint each one different – i.e some with parts not fully painted give a worn and aged look. The finished paper was practically dry to the touch and looked really traditional and festive.

Now that’s a unique looking present if I ever saw one! Under the tree ready for Christmas day.

Stencils can be used to make wrapping paper for any occasion not just Christmas. So please see our shop at and get inspired to create something of your own with stencils.

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