How to spray paint with your stencil

Using spray paints to paint your stencil is the fastest way to paint a stencil - you can literally have it done in a few seconds.  

Spray paints can also make some great effects, you can blend colours together by spraying colours next to or on top of each other, you also get different effects by spraying far away or close to the surface. But the disadvantage is spray paint is hazardous to health if breathed in. So it is recommended that you use a suitable mask, goggles, disposable gloves and also work is a well ventilated area.

What you will need

- A stencil- In this case our A2 Banksy Queen Vic stencil
- Repositionable Spray Mount
- Low tack masking tape
- Spray Paint
- Spare newspaper
- Spray painting mask

Attach and position your stencil

Paint your stencil

Remove the stencil

The end result