How to paint a Banksy canvas

This tutorial is going to show you how to paint your own art canvas using our Banksy 'Dynamite Ice cream Girl'  You will learn how to best cover large areas with your spray can to achieve a smooth finish. You will also learn how to spray your stencil to achieve an image that is not crisp and clean but more mirrors a urban graffiti stencil feel.

What you will need

- A stencil
- Repositionable Spray Mount
- Spray Paint - Black and colour of your choice
- Canvas
- Protective spray mask, goggles, gloves 

Unlike working on a wall, if you are painting your own canvas it is easiest to work on the floor. Put down some newspaper or cardboard to protect the surrounding area from spray particles. Work in a ventilated area and make sure you have plenty of room so you are able to move around the canvas.

When you have got the desired result, remove the stencil... and there you have it your own piece of Banksy 'Girl with dynamite ice cream' graffiti replica wall art canvas, to hang on your wall. 

Have fun and happy, safe spraying!