Why does every business need a stencil?

Hello from Ideal Stencils.

We work on a daily basis with many kinds of businesses to create them custom designed and cut stencils for their business needs. In this blog we talk about how stencils can help your business and touch on some of the very varied ways in which they have been used.

Many trades are coming to us wanting stencils for marking their tools and equipment, roofers, builders etc. So they are looking for their name or logo. We can provide you with these stencils, in a durable material and in various sizes to allow you to quickly mark your tools and equipment.

custom logo marking stencils

Skip hire companies all need a durable and large scale stencil for quickly and easily marking their skips with spray paints. We can custom cut a stencil with your skip hire logo/name and contact details to your specifications.
custom skip painting stencils

We also do lots of address and signage stencils that are used on boxes and crates to inform and warn or on walls or floors to label or direct to areas within warehouses etc.

custom stencils

We also get lots of interest from small craft and art based businesses that are wanting to use stencils to paint their name or logo onto gift bags or for signage at craft shows or market stalls. One stencil can be used to mark your logo on 100 gift bags, 100 boxes or parcels and then be used for anything else you have in mind. Using a roller to paint your stencil or using spray paint can literally take seconds and so it is quick and cost effective.

custom stencil on slate

Personal hobbyists, card makers, crafters, can also find many uses for a stencil. We get a lot of interest in name and date stencils for personalising wedding items, like some wooden crates that were painted up for the central flower display on wedding reception tables.

custom wedding crate stencils 

Businesses who want to use stencils for branding and advertising purposes find that stencils work well for them. We recently did some stencils for Mama Eti’s cooking sauses so they could use the logo stencil to recreate it using spices, the result is a creative and new way to brand your business.

custom logo stencil

Our stencils have been used to create posters, or used with chalk paints or for clean graffiti to mark pavements with promotional information or for directions to lead customer to an event. They have been used to paint t shirts for events and used to stencil motivational phrases and saying  to walls around office spaces.

We have worked with maverick drinks on a couple of occasions to provide stencils for marketing events. They used the stencils as a creative and social tool so clients and guests could paint the drinks brand logos and personal messages onto large canvases – by the end of the evening/event the canvasses had been covered with painted stencils – the brand logos got centre stage and everyone had a unique and fun time.

Maverick Drinks custom logo stencils painted on canvas

Stencils provide your business however large or small with a cost effective way to mark, brand and advertise whatever your size or business type. And that’s why every business needs a stencil?

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