Christmas window display with Stencils

Creating a stencilled window display using Christmas themed motifs is a very effective, cheap, quick and easy way to ‘glam up your glass’. At Ideal Stencils we have a range of Christmas Stencils that are perfect for many Christmas craft projects like: card, gift tag and wrapping paper making and of course creating an amazing window display. The stencils are reusable and so can be put away and reused in different ways every year.

In this tutorial we used our: Holly, Santa and reindeer and snowflakes stencils and a cheap standard snow spray available from all good Pound land store.

Other things that may also be useful for this project is some spare paper stock, masking tape/blue tack/repositionable spraymount.

We started by spraying the back of the stencils with spray mount- this is so that the stencil temporarily tacks to the windows while you are using it. Do this outside or on some spare paper otherwise it will make your flooring sticky.

Have a  plan of the design you are going to create and then place your stencil on the window either using the spray mount or masking tape.

Shake up your can really well before and throughout the project otherwise you will find the snow is more like slush coming out. Here I am holding some paper just to mask off the window to stop the snow spray from creating a shadow around the stencil.

After a while the build up of snow on the stencil made it heavy so I added some tape to the corners to hold it. The design on the windows comes together really quickly. This trio of snowflakes stencil is great for moving about to quickly make an all over falling snow effect.

Half way through I decided to clean the snow off the stencil onto a large piece of stock paper. I simply used some kitchen paper to wipe the stencil clean. Then it was back to work …well not really work, more like super fun window stencilling.

With the snow flakes stencil we also provide you with the cut out inside shape of the stencil. This is great for creating the snowflake negative, as you can see here we attached the template with some spray mount (could also use just a little blue tack) and sprayed around it.

If you get the snow spray on the window around the stencils edges then this can simply and quickly be wiped off with some kitchen paper.

It only took around 10-15 minutes to complete this project and it has created a great effect on our patio doors that will last over the festive period.

Use a selection of stencils to decorate your windows and if you’re a local business it is sure to make your window display look professional and stand out. You could also use a stencil brush or sponge and some white standard emulsion paint to apply through the stencils and this can simply be washed off with warm water.

Hope that this has shown how quick and easy stencilling great, eye catching Christmas window decor is . Please leave us your comments below!

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