Bleached Leopard Print T Shirt

Hi, In this latest blog we will be looking at how we crated a seriously cool T shirt by bleaching it. We used a Leopard Print Stencil design and applied bleach through the stencil using a sponge. The bleach burns the colour out of the fabric and create a really cool, grungy effect, that is really unique. Check out the following steps and create your own handmade bleached T shirt - using any of our pattern or motif stencil designs.


bleach t shirt materials list

These are the materials you will need :

Tshirt ( dark colour for more dramatic effect) / Bleach / pot or bowl / sponge / spare card / rubber gloves /  kitchen towel /  3M re positional spray mount ( not shown )

Warning - Be careful when using bleach - use in a ventilated areas and ensure it does not come into contact with skin.  

If you spray the back of the stencil with repositional spray mount then it will make the stencil tacky and hold in place -  otherwise use masking tape to secure the stencil in position. 

bleach t shirt stencil

Put some of the bleach in a bowl- Use your sponge to absorb some of the bleach and sponge through the stencil onto the t shirt. See how the material starts to change colour after about 1 minute. 

dab off excess bleach from stencil

When you have finished and have the desired effect use some paper towel to dab off any excess bleach off the stencil. 

peel stencil of t shirt

Peel the stencil off the T shirt to reveal the results. We reused the stencil to bleach the whole T shirt front and back!

bleach t shirt leopard print result

Result! The shirt looks like it's out of some designer shop - perfect for a nice sunny day out - This handmade T shirt is sure to turn some heads and get people asking you where you got it -  I think they would think it pretty cool to think you had made it yourself :)

Just another idea of how you can use stencils for a massive range of home decor /  craft /  art or make over  projects... Happy stenciling !!


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