Venetian Plastering with Stencils

We have been seeing a growth in interest from Venetian plasterers wanting to get stencils cut for designs and business logos so that they can create the designs on their plastered walls in relief for their customers.
What is Venetian Plastering
Venetian plaster is a widely used way of describing plasters that were manufactured in the north of Italy. You will see much of this kind of decorative finish within the striking architecture of Venice in Italy. therefore Venetian plastering is synonymous with beauty and elegance. 
How is it done?
The plaster is applied using a spatula or trowel and is built up over several thin layers. The smooth glass like sheen is achieved through burnishing/polishing the surface with special steel pads. This creates an impression of magnificent depth and texture. Because of this It is often referred to as fake marble, though rougher finishes can also be achieved.
The skilled Venetian plasterer can create interesting textures and finishes to walls, floors and ceilings in many different colours using different glazing and finishing techniques. 
Benefits of having a Venetian Plaster finish
Many people think it is a very expensive option compared to a painted wall, which it is but you have to think that it is more like an art piece which is not only visually stunning, but it is a long term wall finishing solution. As once it's been completed it is highly durable and wipeable surface that will need no future maintenance. 
We have worked with many Venetian plasterers on projects and here is just a few of the photos we have been lucky enough to get back.
Above is a large logo stencil we did for -  check them out on Instagram -  @bellissimabespokefinshes  - 90x90cm in size -  hot off the laser machine.
Above you can see the plaster has been troweled over and through the stencil openings onto the wall.
Here is the result after the stencil has been removed and sanded,  which I'm sure you agree looks exceptionally good-  we were surprised how well even the fine detail on the lettering was picked up!
The above shows the relief print using our compass stencil, this was used on a sample board which could be used to show finishes and effects to clients
The above is another logo stencil which was done on a wall for a clients business -  I really like the bone white colour used over the grey black background. 
Thank you for reading and hope you found this insightful. We really like the high end effects that can be achieved with Venetian plaster and we have been happy to work on projects of this kind -  just another way in which stencils can be used in an inspiring and practical way. 
All our stencils are reusable and for all the above projects we have cut from 250 micron mylar -  so any design in our shop you can use to create in relief with plaster, but you can contact us before hand and request 250 mylar material. 
If you are a Venetian plaster and want any custom designs making just like the examples above then please CONTACT US and send us your designs and size requirements.

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