Hello from Ideal Stencils! Today we are going to be looking at how you can use stencils to revamp and makeover a tired, old piece of furniture and turn it into an item of stenciled beauty.


We all know that painting up and recycling used furniture is very popular at the moment. And with paints like Annie Sloan that can be painted on any surface with out the need for hours of prep, it is quicker and easier than ever to breath life into charity and car boot sale finds. Stencilling onto furniture is great if you want to give it pattern and to add more visual interest and with the large range of stencils at Ideal Stencils there is enough inspiration for you to create something truly unique!


We received these project photos recently which shows what can be done with a bit of time, thought and care. As you can see from the before and after photos, a stunning job has been done of making over a rather sorry looking set of drawers into a piece of shabby chic nursery furniture that looks great.

Firstly the  main body of the drawers were painted using Laura Ashley Pale Eau de Nil low sheen eggshell paint that are perfect for projects such as updating old pieces of furniture. The drawer fronts were then painted using a light blue paint, this makes more of a feature of the drawers and makes it more exciting than it all just being in white. Then our polka dot hearts stencil was used to repeat the hearts in white across the font of the draws using acrylic paint and a stencil brush. Lastly some new vintage style floral drawer knobs were added for the finishing touch.

Finish off by adding some new knobs to your piece of hand painted and stencilled furniture

What furniture stencilling projects have you undertaken or have you got some great ideas of your own?

I think that you could really have some fun and go to town on painting and reinventing nursery furniture with our range of nursery stencils. Imagine a wardrobe with the back on the inside painted blue and have a repeat pattern cloud stencil covering the back – like a world inside a wardrobe…or perhaps a boys cool robot table with the top painted with a robot stencil.

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