Photograph to custom stencil

Hello from Ideal Stencils.

Today we are going to home in on something that we get  quite a few enquiries about and that’s if we can turn a photo into a stencil…

The good news is Yes! And we are going to explain how to contact us about this service and some guidelines for supplying your photo files. Your stencil could be used for a variety of purposes from painting up a load of fun T shirts for  a friends party, stag do, to decorating a personalised cake, or creating your own art work.

photo to custom stencil

photo of cat to custom stencil


Send us your photo’s

When supplying us with a photograph it is always best to make sure that the background is plain but we can cut around faces to eliminate the background. (Note we cannot really cut group photos,individual face stencils are much more realistic for us to do.)  Also make sure that the image is in focus and has good lighting and provided as a high resolution jpeg. Your photos can be emailed to us at Let us know the size you would like the design to be and a few details about your project and we can provide you with a quote for your stencil.

When your design is redesigned as a stencil friendly image there will be some minor changes to ensure it works, but these are relatively minor changes that are necessary for the stencil to work and be user friendly. We always provide proof designs once interest in proceeding at the quoted price has been shown.

Simple as that.  Once the design is agreed on, your stencil will be with you in just a few days. (UK) We provide a friendly, personal and efficient service and we look forward to hearing from you regarding any of your custom stencil needs.

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