New home decor wall stencils – just in!

Hello, We have been so busy…custom stencil orders to keep up with as well as all the shop stencils to process… that I have not had time to write a blog in ages!

With our first member of staff hired to cut the shop stencils, it gives me more time for designing more stencils and expanding our ranges… which is great! Here are 5 new designs that have been recently added…

Polka Dot pattern stencil

Polka dot nursery wall stencil

This simple to use Polka Dot pattern stencil can be used to paint a whole wall area. A great unisex design that can be painted in whatever colours you like.

Rabbit/Hare motif stencil

bunny rabbit wall nursery stencil

This Rabbit Hare stencil with have you jumping for joy. It comes as a single motif and in various sizes. Choose your size and repeat over a wall area for a great stencilled wallpaper effect. Or use for many other home decor stencilling projects.

Indian Flower Stencil

Indian flower wall stencil

If you want to inject some eastern colour and pattern into your living space then this Indian flower stencil is for you. Choose your colours and stencil a feature wall in your own unique way.

Woodland Trees stencil

birch tree wall mural stencil

Woodland themed decor for nurseries and playroom etc is very popular at the moment. The hand stencilled finish also adds to the natural feel. This tree and bird stencil is easily lined up with previously painted areas allowing a full wall to be covered using just one stencil. The bird stencil then is used to paint the birds wherever you want them to be.

Nautical Lighthouse stencil

Lighthouse wall painting stencil

Nautical decor stencils can be used to add a seaside vibe to any room. Checkout our Lighthouse stencil which comes in various sizes to suit your project. We like this light house stencil design as it is quite vintage in style.

Hope they gave you some inspiration to give stencilling a go…

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