Ideal Stencils & the Calais jungle

Hello from Ideal Stencils, We have recently done some stencils for a recently set up charity called Jungle Canopy.  They are trying to do their bit for the refugee crisis in Calais.  They drive donated or cheaply purchased caravans over to Calais and give them to refugee families with small vulnerable children. It is a very worth while cause and we were happy to help them out with some stencils for marking their caravans with their logo. We also sent some other stencils that could be used for art and craft groups within the camp run by volunteers.

Dave King from the charity was happy to give us some more insight into life in the Calais camp and the story of  the guy spray painting the stencil in our image.

Ideal Stencils & the Calais jungle stencils 

“His name is Danny – he’s Eritrean.  The regime in Eritrea is horrific, with torture, persecution and murder being commonplace.  Danny was due to be conscripted to fight for the government…for ever!!!  Conscription in Eritrea is indefinite; you’’re never allowed to leave.  It’s madness.  So he ran for it…”

“People hear about Syria…and there are loads of Syrians and others from the Middle East in the Jungle, fleeing ISIS or the bombers.  There are also thousands escaping the brutal regimes in Sudan and Eritrea.”

“Interestingly, I was bugged by so many people while I was there, all wanting our stencil on their caravan!!!  Apart from the obvious misery of the weather and simple survival, life there is incredibly dull.  Whenever they see an opportunity to brighten it a little, they leap at the chance.”

If you want to do donate to the Calais crisis and Jungle Canopy then you can sent your donations via paypal to –

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