How to flatten out a curled stencil

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We ship out alot of our stencils in postal tubes and and so when you unwrap your stencil there may be, depending on the time its been in the tube,  some curling to the stencil. This can be frustrating as it makes the stencil so it doesn’t sit flat on the surface. Luckily there is a simple and straight forward way to ease out your curled stencil.

This is a stencil that has been in the tube for a couple of weeks and you can see that when we unpackaged it there is a distinct curl the  stencil.

How to flatten a curled stencil

DONT PANIC! This is easily rectified with the following simple steps.

How to flatten a curled stencil tutorial

Place the stencil on the packaging paper, with the curl side down.

How to flatten a curled stencil Ideal Stencils

Roll it up quite tightly against the curl and secure with tape. Put it back in the tube and leave it until the next day…

How to flatten a curled stencil

When you unroll the stencil the curl will have been teased out leaving you with a flat and usable stencil. If there is still a curl to the stencil repeat the process until the curl is eased out. Another method may be placing the stencil curl side down under a heavy rug or books, but we find this method works best.

Try and store stencils flat after use, so this isn’t  a future problem. Why not create a folder for your stencils, or larger stencils cane be hung on trouser hangers and stored handing on the back of a door or rail…

We hope this was useful and HAPPY STENCILLING!!

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