Halloween Pumpkin Stenciling

This year we decided to Stencil our pumpkin instead of cutting it, which was much easier and still looked really effective. Our daughter was up to the task and did a wonderful job. We used our New Halloween Boo Stencil to complete this task. 
All you need for this project is a bit of masking tape to affix the stencil, a plate and some paint, and a bit of scrap card or kitchen roll for removing the excess paint from your brush. Simply stipple a tiny amount of paint through the stencil to transfer the design. 
Revealing the painted design is always so much fun so you can see your painted finish in all its glory. Nice Job Isla!
Display your pumpkins on your door step with pride!
There are many other Halloween decor projects you can complete from Halloween Welcome Doormats to signs and window decoration, Cards to table cloths...you can even use on skin as part of your costume.
Thanks again and hope this inspires you to take up a spot of stenciling yourself.

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