Christmas Welcome mat

Hello -  today we are sharing a nice festive decorating project we did where we stenciled our own design onto a plain door mat - We think the finish is much nicer and more unique than the tacky ones you see in the shops. There are so many festive projects you can complete with stencils, from window displays to hand painted wrapping paper, Christmas Eve boxes to personalised cards. So be inspired and 'stencil your way to Christmas Day!'
To see the video project then please click here HERE
This is the materials list that you would need for this project. We used a multi surface paint from 'Bedec' to stipple the paint on, but it would be a quicker alternative to use spray paint to paint the design onto the mat -  of course you would want to do that outdoors and we wanted to do this inside as it was dark and cold!
 You can see that we have used masking tape to tape the stencil into position and then we are using our brush with a dabbing up and down motion to paint paint through the stencil and onto the mat surface. Using a brush did take much longer than spray paint would have done, but we enjoy the creative process and so all happy :)
Once you are done, you can carefully remove the tape and remove the stencil to reveal your design, of course with a stencil you can reuse it over and over and so you could make a whole batch and give to friends and family - we are giving ours away as a present :)
We we so happy with the way this turned out. Christmas is such a nice time to make some handmade decorative items, especially with loved ones and share and make memories along the way doing nice things together.
Check out our range of Christmas stencils HERE
Be inspired to create something yourself whether it be a hand painted sack or Christmas Eve box, some hand painted wrapping paper, a window display or a welcome mat...
Thanks for reading and hope it was useful! 

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