Stencil a T-Shirt

Painting your own T-shirt using a stencil is a great way to create your own garments. It is quick, easy and fun to do. So grab some basic stencilling materials and get personalising your T-shirts. 

What you will need:

  • Plain coloured T-shirt/Clean & Ironed
  • A stencil 
  • Repositionable Spray Mount or masking tape
  • A good quality fabric paint (Dylon, Pebeo etc)
  • A piece of stiff cardboard
  • Stencil brushes
  • Kitchen roll

Adhere your stencil to the T-shirt

For best results using repositionable 3M spray mount to adhere your stencil so that the stencil doesn't move around while you are painting and also to stop paint seeping under the stencil. Spray the back of the stencil with an allover misting then allow to dry for around 30 seconds until the stencil becomes tacky.

Put a stiff piece of cardboard inside a clean, ironed T-shirt, this will  prevent the paint from seeping through and spoiling the back of the T-shirt. Flatten the T-shirt out and adhere the stencil to the area where you want the image to be.

Paint your T-shirt

Apply a small amount of paint to your stencil brush and then wipe in a swirling motion onto a piece kitchen towel - this will remove the excess paint from the brush and evenly distribute the paint into the bristles. If you over load the brush with to much paint then you will risk having the paint bleed under the surface of the stencil creating blotchy edges. If your doing large amounts of T-shirts or material a dense foam roller can be used to apply the paint to make the process quicker.

Apply the paint by holding your brush at a 90° angle to the T-shirt surface and use a light stippling, up and down motion to paint through the stencils cut out areas. Reload your brush when necessary and continue until all parts of the stencil have been painted.

You don't have to wait for the paint to dry. Peel back the stencil to reveal the image, hold the T-shirt down with one hand while peeling the stencil off with the other. Leave your T-shirt to dry. Some fabric paints require fixing with a hot iron always follow the manufacturers instructions that come with the paint. 

You now have a unique T shirt to wear with pride. Your stencil is reusable so make one for all your friends. They make ideal gifts! We specialise in making custom made stencils so why not get us to turn your idea into a stencil for you to paint your own unique T-shirt design. You can stencil onto any fabrics so be creative and stencil cushions, tote bags , curtains, light shades...and have FUN!