Spray paint your stencil

Using spray paints to paint your stencil is the fastest way to paint a stencil - you can literally have it done in a few seconds.  Spray paints can also make some great effects, you can blend colours together by spraying colours next to or on top of each other, you also get different effects by spraying far away or close to the surface. But the disadvantage is spray paint is hazardous to health if breathed in. So it is recommended that you use a suitable mask, goggles, disposable gloves and also work is a well ventilated area.

What you will need:

  • A stencil- In this case our A2 Banksy Queen Vic stencil
  • Repositionable Spray Mount
  • Low tack masking tape
  • Spray Paint
  • Spare newspaper
  • Spray painting mask

Attach and position your stencil

Spray the back of the stencil with a thin mist of repositionable 3M spray mount adhesive, then allow to dry for around 30 seconds until the stencil becomes tacky. You can also use low tack tape to attach the stencil to the wall but using the spray mount ensures that the stencil is held flat to the surface. 

 If using spray paints you must tape paper, newspaper etc, around the edges of the stencil to mask off the surrounding  wall area. If you don't spray paint particles will get onto the wall surface and you will see shadow lines where your stencil has been. Also if working on an interior wall then lay down a dust sheet on the floor and over any nearby furniture to protect the area from the spray paint particles.

Paint your stencil

We use Belton Molotow spray paints - they are fast drying and acrylic based. Shake your spray can well before use.  Don't spray to closely as the paint with pool and dribble down under the stencil. Do some test sprays on a bit of scrap cardboard to make sure the can is spraying correctly and to get the feel of the can and the distance required to spray from.

One method is to spray the stencil by releasing the paint in short bursts. (literally keep pressing the cap in and out for less than a second each time) Move your way over the stencil in a methodical manner ensuring even coverage. Another method is to apply the paint by sweeping the can back and forth over the stencil, spraying in lines back and forth to build up the paint. This method is explained more in our Banksy canvas painting tutorial.

When you have finished using the spray paint, to clear the nozzle, hold the can upside down and spray until only clear gas is released.

Remove the stencil

Carefully remove the masking newspaper without disturbing the stencilYou don't have to wait for the stencil to dry before you peel off your stencil. If you want you can speed up the drying process using a hair dryer on a low/medium setting.

The end result

You can now stand back and admire your work.

You can use spray paint to quickly make hand made custom t shirts,  or pieces of original canvas art. Your stencil is reusable so experiment with different effects and finishes that you can achieve. Happy and safe spraying!

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