Mountain Range Mural Stencil

Roll your sleeves up and  prepare to stencil! This new Mountain range mural stencil set enables you to paint this eye catching scene in any room for instant wall decor. All you need is some paint, a roller and a blank wall... Let me show you the simple steps to complete this project. 

First decide on the colours you are going to use for your mural. 4 similar colours in varying tones from dark to light will work well to create a feeling of perspective. We have chosen a mix of bluey/green shades to work with. Choose how high up the wall you want your first row of mountains to start. Affix your stencil to the wall, ensuring that it is level and paint your first row of mountains. The ends of the design match up to allow your line of mountains to be as long as you need.

Place your stencil higher up the wall and position the large central mountain so that it rests above the smaller mountain as seen above. Using your mid tone colour stencil up to the darker blue of the first row, but do not go over it. This will create the feeling of the mountains receding into the distance. 

Use your lightest tonal colour in the same way to paint in your 3rd row of mountain peaks. You don't have to stop there. If you want to you can add extra layers of mountains to your design - the sky's the limit!

Mask off a straight line along the bottom row of mountains and paint a darker foreground band of colour right down to the floor.

When that has fully dried position your fern trees stencil and using the same foreground colour create a row of silhouetted fern trees to finish off the scene. 

Here are a couple of extra ideas you can try:

Add a more hilly landscape when painting your foreground colour... or add in a couple of hot air balloons floating peacefully through the scene...

The steps to complete the mural are simple and the results are amazing! Why not DO IT YOURSELF and add impact to any blank wall by creating this stunning scene - have fun creating your own space for you and your family to enjoy.

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