Large Signage Stencils

We specialise in cutting Large Signage Stencils. We often cut XL Stencils for:
  • Shop signs / market & pop up stalls
  • Logos
  • Road side / events advertising
  • Warehouse floor marking
  • Warning / instructional / safety signage
  • Skips & Containers
  • Vehicles
  • Pavement chalk spray advertising
  • Road marking
  • Wall art murals

Our largest sheet size is 84x127cm, but larger designs can be created by cutting over multiple sheets. When creating larger stencil designs we always ensure that the stencils are cut with the user in mind, so you can be certain to complete your project successfully. 

If you want a large design painting onto any surface then get in touch with us for your free Stencil Quote  or email us at

Shop Sign Custom Stencil from Ideal Stencils

This Restaurant frontage was painted using stencils and the complete design was 3 meters wide. Painting onto the timber cladding using a stencil was the ideal solution and the result looks great too! We worked from photo's of the shop front and client measurements to ensure that the stencil was cut to the perfect size.
Logo to Large Custom designed Stencil sign
W.m O'Brien Plant Hire needed a large Logo Stencil that was 2 meters wide for painting and Marking large containers. From the original logo we supplied design proofs which the client could choose between. The final stencil was cut thoughtfully over 2 sheets with the total design size being 2 meters wide.

Large letting Custom Stencils
These stencils were supplied individually cut and were for the purpose of road marking. A Road safety friendly font was used and each letter was cut 1 meter high. 

XL Monkey Stencil | Ideal Stencils | Bespoke Stencils
This large Monkey Stencil was cut over multiple XL sheets which are painted separately to make up the full design. 
This Stencil was made to be painted as a Art mural on an outside garden wall space. It was shipped to the customer in the USA via 1-3 day express courier service. We look forward to seeing the result.

Custom Shop Signage Stencil - By Ideal Stencils
Shop Signage stencil 2.5 meters long completed for GLASSWORKS / London - processed and delivered in just a few days. Registration marks for accurate alignment of the design.

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