Ideal Stencils | Fox Nursery Home Decor
Ideal Stencils | Fox Nursery Home Decor
Ideal Stencils | Fox Nursery Home Decor
Ideal Stencils | Fox Nursery Home Decor
Ideal Stencils | Fox Nursery Home Decor

Fox Woodland Nursery Stencil

  • This Fox Woodland Nursery Stencil can be used to create hand painted effects on walls, floors, fabrics and furniture
  • Create amazing walls spaces or personalise smaller decor projects with our great range of home decor stencils
  • Made from reusable, flexible & washable 190 micron Mylar plastic
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all kinds of projects. The sizes listed relate to the cut out design size - see the listing images for more detailed information
  • Depending on your project, paint through the stencil using a stencil brush, dense foam roller or even spray paint to transfer the design. For stencilling tutorials please see our How To pages or Blog
  • The most popular way to paint this stencil is with a stencilling brush or dense foam roller depending on your project. Water based emulsion and acrylic paints work great
  • Adhere the stencil to the surface you want to stencil using repositionable spray mount or pieces of tape
  • Paint through the cut out parts of the stencil. Make sure not to use too much paint as this will cause paint to seep under the stencil leaving a blotchy result. It is important to off load your brush or roller onto scrap paper or kitchen roll before painting
  • Place the stencil at the top of the wall to paint your first repeat - use a spirit level to ensure that it is level. Ideally find an area of the wall where you can do an uninterrupted row down the wall from ceiling to floor
  • Most of our pattern stencils are aligned by overlaying the stencil with previously painted areas. Refer to individual listings to check how the pattern is repeated. 
  • Once you have done this row, position the stencil to the left or right. Continue painting in vertical rows from top to bottom until the area is complete
  • Bend and tape the stencil into the corners or against the ceiling or skirting board (mask of areas you don't want to get paint on) and finish those areas you cant get to with the roller with a brush 
  • If necessary you can wash your stencil carefully in warm soapy water. Smaller stencils in the sink/larger in the bath.  Only wash your stencil if the paint build up on the stencil is effecting the results you are getting - not after every use
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